One pot meals are life

I have recently taken a liking to” one pot meals, mainly khichdi, pulao, tahiri, and “Indianized” pasta. It’s super relaxing to throw some carbs, proteins, and veggies in a bit of oil, water, and spices and let them cook over a simmering flame, unattended (I do set a timer as I’d just totally forget about the dish until it burnt to a crisp). One pot meals are a win-win situation – easy to make, quite forgiving, nutritionally whole (depends on what you put in them), delicious, and most importantly, fewer dishes to clean up! I absolutely revile cleaning dishes, and as a bachelor staying alone, I will always choose the path of least kitchen cleanup.

One pot meals are not very common where I come from – there is always rice, dal, a dry sabzi, a gravy sabzi, a salad, and other stuff for lunch. I love it when I am visiting my parents, but lets be honest, I got no time or patience to do all this for a single meal.

If you’re looking to spend less time in the kitchen while still eating nutritional whole food, give one pot meals a go. There are hundreds of recipes available online.